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Our technical services are structured into specialized centers of excellence that concentrate only on the relevant technological solutions and development tools. We serve customers from all around the globe including New Zealand, the United States, Europe and Asia, among other places.

Onedash Development excels in a broad range of software development, mobile and web app development services.

Software Development

Onedash Development is a software development firm dedicated to providing practical and tactical software development services. We believe in attaining greatness by delivering solutions that meet your needs while relieving you of the load of software development, allowing you to concentrate on other critical areas of your company.

Oftentimes, packaged software fails to meet the client's needs, expectations, and business goals, as many companies require bespoke solutions ranging from minor modifications to current software to complete solutions created and deployed from scratch. This is where bespoke software development services from Onedash can help customers achieve their objectives by offering solutions that are customized to their particular requirements. This also allows them to expand their business and gain a competitive advantage.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has reached new heights, transforming the way companies engage and communicate with their target audiences. Our mobile app solutions assist companies in acquiring new consumers, allowing them to provide better service to their clients and manage their operations.

We will create a customized mobile application that can be a vibrant asset to reach your consumers, regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate.

At Onedash, we understand the enormous commercial and marketing possibilities that come with developing engaging and scalable mobile apps. Onedash can assist you in turning your concept into a successful mobile product by participating in regular planning, development, testing, and deployment.

We create and build mobile phone apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, iPad apps, mobile gaming apps, and tablet apps.

API development and integration

APIs are the critical component in making your business solution requirements a reality. APIs provide an important platform for API developers to provide the finest solutions for optimizing and simplifying many of the activities and tasks performed by companies. Google's search API is an excellent illustration of how companies can utilize it to identify terms relevant to their target audience.

At Onedash, we can assist your company by establishing an API of a third-party program by creating a bespoke API or Web Service that third-party programs can use to trade and communicate digital information with your program. APIs are built using many methodologies, but the most popular are XML, SOAP, and Web Services for data exchange over the internet.

Onedash can create secure web service programs and APIs that need authentication to ensure secure transmission. Addressing performance problems is one of the difficulties while building web services and bespoke APIs. Our API developers have created a slew of multithreading and call back modules to accelerate and monitor data flow across APIs.

At Onedash Development, we will evaluate your company needs and provide a good analysis of the technicalities of your goal, as well as assist in estimating deadlines and costs to fulfill your expectations.

Web App Development

Onedash has a high level of technology and business process competency, as well as domain experience in a variety of industries, allowing us to deliver solutions ranging from eCommerce and API Integrations to CMS, Social Media Applications, SaaS solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and more.

With over ten years of expertise designing, building and maintaining sophisticated online apps, Onedash is the dependable and renowned one-stop web application development firm for realizing your most ambitious and difficult projects.

We are a web application development firm that aims to create functional and highly usable web apps that meet your organization's goals, specifications, and expectations.

Our creative web app development will assist your company in achieving its objectives by providing online solutions that aid in business automation. Onedash will create custom web applications based on your unique company requirements to help productivity levels, efficiency and profitability.

We begin our web application development process after gaining a comprehensive knowledge of your company's needs resulting in cost-effective and dependable solutions.

If you are searching for a web application development company that can create a bespoke web app from start or modify an existing open-source solution to meet your unique business requirements, please contact Onedash now. We will be delighted to assist you with your project.

Digital Automation

Automation in digital business is all too frequently confined to specialist solutions which are increasingly causing transformational obstacles. At Onedash, we understand that utilizing fragmented processes and data makes it impossible to achieve digital engagement, consistency of outputs, and error-free real-time results.

Enterprises need a platform for automation that links silos and delivers procedures to everyone in the mobile workplace.

Our digital business automation solutions can help you change experiences, improve productivity, and uncover operational efficiency across all of your company departments.

Onedash's digital automation solution assists in the creation of an adaptable management layer that covers your current systems in order to link people, apps, devices, and information throughout your company on a single secure and scalable digital transformation platform.

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