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We provide the expertise required to start, grow and transform businesses of all sizes. Our solutions haveĀ assistedĀ start-ups in growing into medium-sized businesses, as well as medium-sized businesses in reaching a global audience.

ExperHealt, a clinical management system that provides advanced and efficient program applications to individual clinicians and hospital staff to help them run their businesses more efficiently and effectively, without the use of any physical health records of patients.

SaaS - Clinical Management System

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Onedash Development designed and developed Clinic Flow, a cutting-edge patient portal and health tracking app.

Mobile APP - Patient Portal & Health Tracking

The GuestHub App, which is used for Covid and Contact tracing, was created by Onedash.

Mobile APP - Covid and Contact Tracing

Onedash designed and developed GuestHub, a fully-featured web dashboard that includes iOS and Android apps for managing visitor details in a contactless manner. The easy and simple flow enables easy and contactless visitor registration. It has been carefully designed for restaurants, pubs, retail stores, hotels, real estate agents, and corporations.

GuestHub (Visitor Management System)

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This is another project we completed for Asian Family Services, a service that provides counseling, public health education, and assistance to all Asians in New Zealand

Umbraco based CMS

A PHP Based photo sharing and social platform


App Design

iOS / Android Mobile App


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